by Andy on September 27, 2011

My husband Andy and myself Sheila, rescue animals and birds – this year we have had many very small baby birds. Unfortunately some just don’t make it, but there are others who fly the nest – or incubator – and it’s so satisfying to see them go, having done ‘your job.’ Then there are others…………Squiddles…..this is his story.

Squiddles was one of a pair of young sparrows. The other sparrow was extremely nervous and was almost impossible to feed and as soon as we could fly he was released.
Squiddles couldn’t be released. He had a defect to one leg making him walk on his elbow, a lump on his head that was very large and pink and he didn’t have very many feathers.


He came to us a very small sparrow, the incubator was needed at first, but as his feathers grew his place was in the bedroom. I’d wake up about 6am to give him his feed, I could see that one of his legs was either broken or badly deformed, so quite honestly I wasn’t too sure he’d survive. This one morning, our ‘scraggly’ little Squiddles hadn’t woken me, so panic set in! I saw his lifeless body at the side of the cage, I gently picked him up, he was cold, stiff….just a very slight move of a wing. I grabbed a soft cloth and wrapped him up with his head poking out, I started rubbing his body…nothing…bit harder…nothing…I was telling him ‘come on, work with me!’ Another slight wing move. So I sat on the bed rubbing his body, I could see his deformed little leg, he was obviously not in good shape. Should I stop?…for him? Quality of life and all that? Well I didn’t stop, there was a tiny noise..the tiniest tweet..I held him in my hands and lay in bed with him. After about an hour he took a small drop of feed…..would he make it?


This lifeless deformed sparrow has now become another family pet…he has his own cage in the bedroom. During the day he is out in the conservatory – he flies around – with his one leg and when he was younger he could only fly backwards just like he was doing an impression of a Michael Jackson ‘moon walk’ .

he’s got lots more feathers now so we used to take him into the garden and allow him to fly.
He can fly forward a good 30 feet but he doesn’t stop very well because of his legs.

So that’s Squiddles! My special sparrow, he eats bird seed, kale, and special herb salad, his water he still has on demand! He lives in the tray of a bird cage without the top on.
Its okay as long as the cat isn’t around. His name is squidgy!

He was so determined to live – and I was just as determined to give him the chance!……just wish they’d always be like that!

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