by Andy on September 27, 2011

when we first got the squirrel it’s eyes were closed, there was blood on his left side and there was a small puncture wound on his belly.

stomach wound

stomach wound

even though his eyes were closed indicating he was very young he was physically very large, about 5 inches from his nose to the base of his tail.


Eyes wide shut!

He was on antibiotics with the usual food supplement and a lot of tlc and after a few days one eye opened and then the next day the other Eye opened too.

Spanner* grew into a healthy squirrel and he plays on me by running up and down my legs and my body and around my arms.
I was still concerned that I was the only creature that he knew because he hadn’t seen any other squirrels.
Currently he still lives in the aviary at the bottom of the garden and two of the babies that we had last year return to eat nuts that’s on the outside of the Avery so he has made contact with a couple of them from inside the cage.
Part of his early diet included pro-biotic yogurt. One day he found the pot!



He has now progressed from the baby formula and the yogurt and little muesli bars on to mostly nuts and fruit which i can still hand feed him.

Incredibly, he managed to escape and now in the day he goes into the woods for a few hours before returning late afternoon to go to bed.


One day he will go into the woods and he won’t return in the evening but hopefully he’ll still return to feed on the nuts on the outside of the Avery.
Whether I’ll still be able to feed in by hand again is probably very doubtful as he’ll get very independent.

* But what does Spanner mean?

The very first squirrels we were given were a nest of 5 babies. They were so small that in fact there were 6!

They would scrabble about in a big ball and I likened them to a bag of spanners. So that stuck and it’s a nice name to call them all. After all, I don’t want to give them all names as imprinting is too easy.

Incidentally, there apparently is no collective name for a group of squirrels because they are independent animals, so I would like to suggest we call a group of squirrels……spanners!!

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