Seagulls Save the Seagulls


Every year at the end of the football season, the seagulls suffer enormously. 

Mostly because they are nesting on roofs that young chicks fall off into gardens, onto roads, where many are injured or killed.

The very few rescue centres available are inundated with hundreds and hundreds of orphaned or injured gulls. eventually there comes a point where rescue centres become full.

Brighton and Hove Albion have become hugely successful and their engaging profile and branding helps enormously. A seagull is their logo, a seagull is their costume character, a seagull is their nickname and when a seagull flies into the stadium the fans all call it’s name.

With this in mind, would the ‘Seagulls’ i.e. Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, consider financially supporting a local rescue centre, specially set up for the care of Seagulls?

It would not only help the birds but be a very positive media story that the club could be proud of and of course, help the species that the image rights have been obtained.

I have set up a FaceBook page

We have also set up a crowdfunding site


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