Seagull story in Argus

by Andy on July 1, 2018

The local paper, The Argus printed an article of me and the problem facing gull chicks at this time of the year.


Andy Cameron with Herring Gull chick. He looks after baby seagulls and other birds in his spare time.

A crowd funding site has been set up and I hope Brighton and Hove Albion will help because they use the seagull as their mascot and image.



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Julie Warburton July 17, 2018 at 7:58 pm

I spoke to you today about the nestlings we hopefully have saved and was glad of your advice . We also have a grown gull with one foot , which we have had for about 4 years, so I guess it is older than that, the other gulls do peck it and it is loosing a lot of feathers from its neck, poor thing, and only hope it will live through the winter. The nestlings are in the sitting room and I wanted to ask you, when you have time, about how much we should feed them each time; a spoon full each one or less, or as much as they go for? they seem to stop feeding by choice, so go by that? Thanks anyway . Julie Warburton.

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