New Aivary

by Andy on September 27, 2011

One day I was out shopping and just by chance I popped into a pet shop to pick up a random item. Whilst I was waiting to pay for it the lady in front of me was asking if they took in something.
The reply was no and the lady went on her way. Out of curiosity I asked the lady behind the counter what was that she was asking about? she said that she asked if they took in finches.
as I left the shop, I was walking up the road and found myself walking behind the lady so I stopped her and asked her if there was a problem?
she said she used to have a lot of zebra finches but a lot had died and she now only had two which she wanted to find another home for. She also wanted to give away the aviary too.
coincidentally I was looking to add another aviary to my garden because I only had one small one, so I told her I could come and look at it in two weeks time.
later my son hired a transit van and we went over and picked up the pieces of the aviary and the finches and returned back to my place




It took me a whole week on and off but I eventually pieced everything together and it looks really lovely. I’m sure it’s going to be a very huge asset in the years to come.


The finished aviary


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